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"New York-based trio Tres Leches are a one-man, er, three-woman Putumayo crew on their debut 2009 disk Songs, Chants & Lullabies for All Our Relations. The opener African song "Samina" is bright uptempo, but the rest is mostly cooldown music, with harmonies the focus. High points include a sweet and indirect "Itsy Bitsy Spider," the traditional Afro-Yoruban song "Yemaya," and the original "Coo Coo." By the end of the 31-minute album, it's mostly a capella, so it's a good thing the voices and harmonies sound so lovely. Recommended." (


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A letter from a fan...


​"One dark, December Saturday; one of those days when the sun barely rises, I spent all day doing errands and battling what the weather people term ‘wintery mix’. As everyone knows this rain/snow can make city-life its own brand of hell. On this day, as always, I had my four-year-old son Felix with me. We both had to summon a fierce will to keep going following each stop we made. Our final stop of the day was a 5pm Tres Leches show at Sit and Wonder Café in Crown Heights. We entered the cafe soaked and freezing.

Felix and I left two hours later with our hearts, minds and bodies warmed to toasty perfection. The vicious elements of the day did not deter me from seeing Tres Leches live, regardless of the fact I had seen them many times before. I go see Tres Leches over and over again because of the beautiful harmonies; (now with the drums and guitar) because the warm environment and loving community the ladies create with each show, but most of all because of the delight I get from seeing the effect the music has on my son.

The glow in my Felix’s cheeks was unmistakable as the melodic guitars, stunning harmonies and staccato drum beats whipped Felix (and many other kids) into a dancing frenzy. In fact, there were many mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and grandparents who came to listen to Tres Leches on that night, despite the weather.

The three songstresses of Tres Leches, who are also parents of small children, whole heartedly believe in the importance of raising their children surrounded by as much music as possible. This is most apparent when one sees them live. Because of this, their song-list often contains familiar children songs. The listener does not need to be a parent to appreciate Tres Leches. The aforementioned harmonies, the songs in Spanish and Swahili, the songs celebrating the sounds heard in city life, or the songs celebrating chocolate can be truly enchanting to anyone. So if you haven’t been already I strongly suggest you go to a Tres Leches show. If you are not able to see them live, purchase their CD."
— Jessica Helfe


"Tres Leches makes my heart sing. I am transported
and lulled into a sweet state of grace by their harmonies and divine presence. Their songs appeal to the innocent and pure child within us all."

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