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Our Story

This Brooklyn-based trio was formed in the Spring of 2007 with songs that organically emerged from the musical merry-making of three mamas and their babies!

Havalah Collins, Renée Skuba, and Jessie White were already professional singers and so, as new mothers, it was only natural for them to begin creating music for children. It was soon discovered that their songs were compelling not only to young ones, but to people of all ages!

​Since their first show at KDog & Dunebuggy in March 2008, they have performed in a wide range of venues, to name a


few: Hip Tot Festival at Littlefield, Lincoln Center (David Rubenstein Atrium), Hospital Audiences Inc. (HAI), Brooklyn Children’s Museum, Tony Williams Philadelphia Jazz Festival, Tribeca Film Series for Kids, Maple Street School First Funk Fridays and Gala, Vox Pop Kids Rock!, and Der Schwarze Kölner in Ft. Greene.

Their first album, Tres Leches: Songs, Chants & Lullabies for All Our Relations (May 2009), consists of originals, re-envisioned traditional songs, and sacred chants that span the globe. This CD has quickly reached most-favored status among numerous young children and their parents.


"Tres Leches treated families to an infectious journey of toe-tapping tunes laced with their signature dreamy harmonies. A lovely performance!"
Felicia Stevens-Niles,
Nairobi’s Knapsack Toy & Play Gallery

"Your spirit and voices are amazing,
the music is love and its effect
on the children is captivating.
They just really get it."


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